Hooded Staff is a niche brand tying two concepts together.

First of all, we wanted to center our company around a product that can be worn with anything, but is not just for everyone. Whether you mix the hoodie 101 with high-end denim and high heels or yoga pants and sneakers it does not matter, as long as you fill it with your personality. Our products are for people who have ideas, visons, confidence and a statement to make. If they believe in themselves, so do we.

Secondly, we wanted to unify those people wearing our hoods. It is a circle of people that identify with bringing laid-back Los Angeles and fast-paced New York City together in products that tell a story on their own and are capable of taking those products one step further by adding their unique style. As long as you wear the hoodie and not the other way around, you are a member of the hooded staff.

We are not a society, community or clique, we are the hooded staff.


"Two siblings. Two cities. One hoodie. One brand."